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Art journaling, the act of creating a piece of artwork as a reflection of your inner thought process. Or a way to explore what's going on inside you. Or a way to explore new colors and designs. Or a moment to honor something important that has happened for you. Or a way to set an intention for something you want to have happen for you! There are lots of reasons, and lots of ways, to art journal, and it looks different for everyone who does it. The main crux though, is that the act itself is done in a journal of some sort and is meant to serve nothing more than the needs of it's creator. While you may end up with a publish worthy piece, or something you want to make into prints, the inital act is meant to allow you space to process something for yourself. You are not trying to impress anyone, or make money with it, and may not even intend to finish what you've started. You're literally just doing what feels good and watching what comes of it. That being said, there are tried and true methods for getting yourself started, and this page here is a library of some of them. I've also included links to inspirational mixed media artists. Not sure where to start? Click on something that catches your eye  and let see if it appeals to you.

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