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Customer Spotlight: AMI ALBEA NEGRON

AMI ALBEA NEGRON is a Los Angeles based crafter who began shopping at Craftiness in January.

CRAFTINESS: How would you define your creative style?

Bold and Colorful!

CRAFTINESS: What are you currently working on and can you describe your process?

I am currently working on Krazy Kitschmas Hats. I upcycle Vintage Christmas decorations and other embellishments and create over the top Santa hats.

CRAFTINESS: Who inspires you right now?

Since the beginning of this year I have drawn so much inspiration from Angharad Caceres at Craftiness and from Martina Turner at My Creative Outlet. I had been working double time between my career as a nanny and my career as a manager in the music business for so many years and I had little time or energy to create for myself. Once I decided to step back from being a nanny, I began to explore options for social activities and that’s when I stumbled upon Craftiness while searching for Meet Ups. My hope was to learn some new skills and regain my creative spark. I attended several workshops and open studios before the pandemic hit and thank goodness because my creativity soared! I implemented the mixed media techniques I learned and applied it to my passion for upcycling vintage rock n roll magazine clippings.

Once in quarantine I took advantage of Matina’s Zoom workshops and was on to my next creative obsession, making cone dolls. I took the skills she taught me and began to paint my own retro style faces on the dolls and then went on to source vintage doll heads to upcycle. All of this has just about led me to finally feel ready to sculpt dolls again. PS: I was a doll sculptor once upon a time!

CRAFTINESS: What your 12 year-old self was doing creatively?

My 12 year-old self was taking private art classes where I learned to work with polymer clay. I also enjoyed painting Beatles album cover replicas. I even did The Yellow Submarine on acetate, animation cell style!

CRAFTINESS: Favorite song to craft by?

Ami’s whimsical creations can be found on Instagram (@amisrocknpopshop) and Facebook. Her website features her one-of-a-kind handmade treasures and unique upcycling.


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