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Product Spotlight: Stamperia, a Gateway to Mixed Media

As a paper artist I am obsessed with all things paper. And though my main interest is art journaling I also have a deep love of the more traditional paper arts. Scrapbooking, carding making, die cutting, rubber stamping, even quilling has a place in my papery heart.

As an art journalist, mixed media has always been my main go to, and when it comes to scrapbooking and paper arts, it's nice to start with a brand that already has that vibe. Enter Stamperia! Their paper designs are fun and their steampunk look in particular invites mixed media playfulness.

The artist responsible for my favorite packs is Antonis Tzanidakis, and his lines include die cut assortments, chip board elements, stamps, stencils, and all sorts of add ons. His samples are inspirational! It shows the range of the paper sets, you can use them in traditional scrapbook layouts, or take them to the next level and built engaging 3D projects.

Craftiness just got 4 boxes (4!) of the latest Stamperia patterns. They'll be in the store as quickly as I can get them in the computer. Check the Stamperia category in the shop to see what's available!


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