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Product Spotlight: Texture Paste!

Hopefully, you've had a moment to check out one of my Facebook Live demos Friday mornings at 11:00 AM. If you have then you know that I'm all about texture in my art journaling––texture and color and how they intermingle on the page. I love to create nooks and crannies for paint and ink to seep into. There are many ways to create texture but one of my favorites is with texture pastes. I regularly use Izink texture products such as Ice and 3D Pastes. Their glitter pastes have so much glitter in them, and they squeeze out on to your work like frosting! I also love using Extra Heavy Gesso from Liquitex, and Molding paste from Golden Acrylics. Recently I have been adding color to my texture pastes, especially when I want a vibrant and uncommon color like hot pink! Ranger pastes come in 3.9 oz jars, which mixes up a nice amount!