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Product Spotlight: Art Journaling Kit for Beginners

Wondering where to begin when it comes to starting an Art Journal? For me, art journaling is about the process, not the end product, so the materials you use can be almost anything. That being said, I have my favorites! And now you can get those favorites in one easy to use and affordable kit. $100 gets you a mixed media journal, a quantity of paints, a texture paste, a stencil, a stamp, and tools like a brayer, a wedge and a spray bottle. All of these can be used to create the layers of texture and color that I especially love to build in my journals. If you're still wondering how to use all of these items, check out my website for Art Journaling for Beginners zoom classes!

(*kit pictured is an example only, stencil and stamp images and paint colors may vary.)


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