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Studio Policies

1. Tables are available any time during open hours if there is nothing else planned in the space- it's worth checking the schedule before you set out.

2. If you attend a MeetUp, you may stay on afterwards to use the tools. Supplies will be put away, so bring what you need to craft.

3. If you come just to work, bring your supplies.

4. Table time is $5 Fee, regardless of how long you stay. If you come for a MeetUp or class, the class fee or MeetUp $5 counts for the day.  Supplies are only available during the MeetUp or workshop times.

5. You are welcome to come in as a group, at $5 a person, just as long as no one in the group is paying another member of that group for instruction. So feel free to bring in your craft group! And if you'd like to teach at the store, please email me at

6. There is no guarantee that supplies or equipment you have used in the past will be available.

7. ​If you come in just to work I will answer any questions, but am not necessarily available to teach techniques that I cover in workshops. I will also need to help any customers that come in and that might limit my availability.

8. Remember, if you don't like it, you're not finished! Add more, what have you got to lose?

9. Share. Take turns. Be nice.

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